Double Duty Calendars

photo from paperedtogether @ etsy

This fall I am antsy to pick up a great calendar for my desk. I am love with this letterpress calendar by paperedtogether. I love that after each month is finished, you are left with a beautiful card to send to someone, or to keep and display as art. This may kick my correspondence up a notch this year.

photo from happify @ etsy

This offset printed calendar by Happify caught my eye on Etsy the other day. It is simple, but interesting at the same time. I love it's graphic nature and the way it plays with contrast. If you go into their Etsy Store, you will see that there is a story behind the design of each month of the year. Plus, they are designed as postcards, so you can send one off every month...unless you're like me and will just want to keep them all for yourself.

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