Handmade Holidays Pledge 2009

 Emily and Allegra over at Frenchie and Flea have taken a Handmade Holidays Pledge this year. In their words:

"With the holidays here and the gifting and entertaining beginning, we have decided to make a Handmade Holiday Pledge.
Yep....that's right.
See ya later Box Stores!  
We refuse to spend our money and time on mass produced, chain store products.
Why?  Because it's generic, unthoughtful, and just plain boooooooring.  We want to support fellow Etsy Shops!  Don't you?  So.....Are you in?  We hope so!!!!!!"

I SO love their enthusiasm and willingness to support local businesses....so.....

I'm IN!

Head over to Frenchie and Flea's blog to check out the THREE WEEKS (!!!) of giveaways they will be doing!  And check out their Etsy shop as well to see their super cute line of paper and fabric goodies!

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