The first egg

J and I got some little baby chicks back in May and raised them inside in a little box until they were finally big enough to be outside in the coop at night.  J built a most magnificent coop for them complete with a ramp, viewing window, and secret back hatch for collecting eggs from the nesting boxes.

Having never raised chickens before, I was simply amazed when the baby chicks would snuggle up next to me as I lay outside in the summer sun in our backyard.  Now, as hens, they still know who mama is and come running when they see me (although, I tend to think it's because we give them all of our vegetable scraps).

They are tame enough to pick up and hold, yet chase after the dogs when they are irritated by too much sniffing.

A little moment of awe and joy came for me the other day when I looked into our chicken coop and saw the first egg.  It came from Zoe, our iridescent black hen.  When I cracked it open last night, the yolk was a deep yellow and stood very high in the center of the white.  Just lovely.

During this time of uncertainty and with extra tightening of the purse strings, it's nice to enjoy these little things...and to try and remember to enjoy them more often.

What are the little things in your life that you enjoy?

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