Have you met Mrs. Lilien?

I randomly stumbled across Mrs. Lilien's blog a few weeks ago (via SF Girl By Bay) and couldn't be more delighted at this gem of a find!  Mrs. Lilien is a designer and stylist out of San Diego, California (holla!) and blogs about all things fabulous from frocks to footwear.  Every entry is a little treat.  The "Mrs." outfits and accessories are coordinated to perfection, but that's not the best part!  Mrs. Lilien writes a witty little poem to go along as the description of each post and for as many blogs as I skim everyday, I actually read Mrs. Lilen's entire post every time. (I know!)

A little bit about Mrs. Lilien from the Mrs. Lilien website:

"...a designer and stylist extraordanista, she's one in a million.  She applauds luxury and anything red letter.  She delights in the good life because it's just better!  She's daring, dashing, and somewhat dangerous.  She's fearless, flamboyant, and brilliantly boisterous."

Mrs. Lilien just launched her brand spankin' new website chock full of gorgeous eye candy.  If you're anything like me, you'll be coming back for daily hits of inspiration and lusting after Mrs. Lilien's daily picks and fabulous attention to detail. 






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