Etsy Faves

I admit that I have become a little obsessed with "hearting" items and sellers on Etsy.  In my defense, it does make it easier to recall "that random something I remember seeing awhile back from that one seller".  Here are a few of my recent faves and links to the shops where they live.

{from top left} 
"the pembroke cowl in sweet pea"-yokoo
"vintage industrial egg grading scale"-ethanollie
"spring bubble girl earrings"-yaelfran
"monsieur IV print"-blancucha
"woodsman menagerie tags"-ohmycavalier
"important trip to somewhere important print"-retrowhale
"cryptid silhouettes pinpack"-pearsonmaron
"bows are cute like you studs"-luckyduct
looking for love print"-isphotography

You're not going to leave without sharing some of your Etsy favorites are you?


Purple Vine Design said...

I 'heart' a lot of shops too...because I love them but also because I see something that I truly like or know I want to purchase for someone.

I have A LOT of favorites...but the mostest favorite is:

And of course, my shop:

~kelly jo

yael said...

Adorable post!!
Thanks a lot for featuring me,
have a great day!

ethanollie said...

love your pics...and thanks for featuring my scale