{inspired by} palm springs: a packaging kit

So, remember a while back when I told you I was so inspired by Palm Springs color and design?  Well, I couldn't wait until summer to start designing a collection, so without further ado, I present to you a packaging kit inspired by Palm Springs!

For a refresher, below are the images that inspired the kit:

And here is the final package!

I love me a good packaging kit!  It's all there and there are endless possibilities of things that can be created using the contents of the kit.  Add your own stamp, or some stickers, you are only limited by your imagination.  This would also be perfect for anyone participating in the {oh hello friend} lovely package exchange (ahem...hint hint).

The kit includes:

(5) small white paper bags
(1) medium white box
(1) small white box
(2) yards ribbon, white
(2) yards ribbon, green
(2) yards ribbon, yellow
(5) yards cotton twine, yellow
(5) yards cotton twine, turquoise
(5) yards cotton twine, white
(5) buttons
(2) tiny white merchandise tags
(2) 1.5" round flamingo tags
(2) 1.5" round metallic turquoise tags
(2) 1" x 5" barrel cactus tags 

The kit can be purchased over in my Etsy shop.  Happy packaging!

{Oh, and stay tuned tomorrow for a little giveaway.....}

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