Crafts and Cocktails Weekend

Over the weekend I took (literally) my entire crafting stash and drove down to Long Beach for what was deemed a "Wedding Crafts and Cocktails Weekend".  I've been helping my BFF with her wedding stationery, so this past weekend was the weekend that all the bridesmaids got together and assembled.  And assembled.  And assembled.  We also perfected the recipe for the signature wedding drink called the "Kryptonite".  Um, of COURSE we needed to test recipes out four months before the wedding.  Sure.

In any case, we powered through the stamping, cutting, gluing (both hot and cold), tying, stuffing, sealing, and (more) stamping and got everything done right on schedule.  Thanks to all the girls for coming down and helping craft all weekend.  We rocked!

Crafting central

Happy crafters!

Focus on the program fan in her left hand...not the cocktail in her right.  :)

Martinis make hot glue burns seems less painful.  
Oh, and those are super fun streamers for the ceremony!

 Treat bags in process.  This is about hour 8 of crafting.  Soooo tired!

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Natalie Catherine said...

how fun!! what a great team. :)