Letterhead Love

Can I just say that I am completely smitten with this website?!  Rachel is a writer and editor for The Dieline, so it is only obvious that this blog should be equally delicious.

From the designer:
Letterhead Love was born out of my desire to have an online repository of the best letterhead, stationery and collateral materials. As printed matter is increasingly shunned in favor of digitized PDFs or, God help you, Word templates, this site might indeed become an homage to a lost art, a veritable museum of the tangible communiqué. And that's just fine with me. Like Lady Liberty, I will take in your lovely letterheads, yearning to breathe free and give them a safe haven from the digital storm.

I am taken with this collateral for Chop Shop.

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Dandelion and Grey said...

What beautiful paper goods! I love your work as well! I especially love your "inspired by Palm Springs" packaging kit & your sweet little peacock cards! xo