fill-in-the-blank friday

1.   The most spontaneous thing I've ever done was : Well, there may or may not have been a streaking incident.  And I'm not going to tell you how old I was at the time.  :)

2.  The best gift I've ever received was:  a month stay/study in Paris.  I took myself there, but if it weren't for graduation $ from family and work bonuses, I wouldn't have been able to go.

3.  A time that I was truly and genuinely surprised was: when John proposed.  He had been fake proposing for about a month, so I thought he was up to his old tricks.  Then he pulled out the ring and I knew.

4.  I can't leave the house without: my cell phone and iPod.

5.  My favorite day of the week is  Friday because:    I don't have to work on Fridays.  By the time Saturday rolls around, I feel like it's Sunday, but I actually have another day off.  A close second would be Wednesdays, which is when I take guitar lessons.

6.  Something that can always make me laugh is: my dog Fritz.  He twists himself into funny shapes when he's laying on his back.  Cracks me up every time.  That's him below.
7.  My perfect day would include: Gotta say, any day at the beach is pretty much perfect.  It's the little things....

(more at the little things we do)

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Marz said...

Our answers are quite similar!! :) My spontaneous moment involves no clothes either! hahaha and my best gift also involves Europe :) And my husband proposing was also my surprise moment! And although I didn't put a day at the beach as my idea of the perfect day (there is no beach where I live nor is there one relatively close by either :( I would most def. agree!!! I think we could be best friends based on our answers :) haha
Your dog Fritz is absolutely adorable!!! :)

You linked up on Lauren's blog one up from me and I'm so glad to have stumbled on your blog :) Can't wait to read more!