On my night table: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Ok, so I finished this book about a week ago, but I still wanted to write about it because I love, love, LOVED it!  Dark Places is a little lot darker of a story than I usually get into and I was a little hesitant at first, but the way the book is written, it just pulls you in and keeps you engaged right from the beginning.  I'll let you read a little synopsis, but I highly recommend it.  I'm going to the library after work to pick up her other book, Sharp Objects, and I can't wait to crack it open!

From Publisher's Weekly:

When Libby Day's mother and two older sisters were slaughtered in the family's Kansas farmhouse, it was seven-year-old Libby's testimony that sent her 15-year-old brother, Ben, to prison for life. Desperate for cash 24 years later, Libby reluctantly agrees to meet members of the Kill Club, true crime enthusiasts who bicker over famous cases. She's shocked to learn most of them believe Ben is innocent and the real killer is still on the loose. Though initially interested only in making a quick buck hocking family memorabilia, Libby is soon drawn into the club's pseudo-investigation, and begins to question what exactly she saw—or didn't see—the night of the tragedy. Flynn fluidly moves between cynical present-day Libby and the hours leading up to the murders through the eyes of her family members. When the truth emerges, it's so twisted that even the most astute readers won't have predicted it.

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