Hi bloggy friends.  I know I have been a little (actually a lot) M.I.A. lately.  I switched jobs about six weeks ago (I am an interior designer as my main job) and an still trying to get my schedule settled.  Needless to say, my poor little blog has been very much neglected.  I have excellent intentions for posting regularly again.  I hope to begin that starting in April at the latest.  So for all of you who have stuck around are reading this, thank you for hanging in there.

I thought I'd pop in today and post a few of my favorite things from around the web lately.  I have a lot more inspiration on my Pinterest page if you're interested in checking that out, as well, that I tend to update pretty frequently (gotta love that Pinmarklet for its time saving abilities!).

braid tutorial/ prints/ rug/ portrait/ crib/ nursery/ bathroom/ floor/ silhouettes/ wall hangings/ swimsuit

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