two things | shades of pink

I was in a creative mood over the weekend, so I made a couple little things.

01. I finally potted and hung up my plant in our living room.   I love how it gives a little punch of color to that otherwise dull corner (What you can't see if the mess of tv and video equipment just below it.  Plants are supposed to absorb radiation, right?).  This little project was inspired by this photo. I also found the tutorial for the macrame here.

02. I picked up a little pack of rubber erasers to try my hand at carving stamps without dropping a bunch of money on an official 'stamp carving kit'.  I found it to be relatively easy, just a limiting as the size of the erasers is pretty small.  But, now I know if I ever want to make a big stamp, I can totally do it. I'm in love with that little fox.  I want to stamp him on everything!

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