It is that time of year again; my favorite time for flowers. Two of my most favorite flowers are blooming right now: peony's and ranunculus. Ranunculus are my answer to the rose. Something about them is whimsical, like something you might find near a castle in a land far, far away. Peony's are like the love child between a rose and a feather. They are delicate, yet stout; these look great on their own in a vase or bouquet.

I went by the Home Depot this past weekend and checked out all the packs of bulbs for sale as I was thinking of growing some of my own on my balcony. Just looking at the images on the covers of the packs of bulbs made me feel like spring was in the air, a nice mental break from the frigid weather we have had lately.

I was inspired (in the Home Depot, no less!) and am working on a whimsical set of invitations incorporating these two flowers. Keep an eye out for them coming soon!

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