Welcome Home!

My husband and I are less than a week away from owning our first home together! We are so excited and have already bought a few things to update it and make it our own. Paint is one of those things. We will definitely be cashing in some man hours with some friends for that project! But when it is finished, it will be such a joy to come home to a place that is ours; no common walls, no noisy neighbors (we hope!), our own parking spaces.....sigh. The excitement is building. So much so that I am thinking ahead a couple of months about a housewarming party. A Saturday afternoon, friends, beer, maybe even a cut-throat game of bocce ball.

Check out the invite I created just for the occasion! The address is not there since, well, we really don't want any strangers showing up on our front stoop. The neat part is that the bottom left corner will be perforated so that after the party, our friends and family can have a nice, wallet/address book sized "calling card" for us!

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