Bridesmaid Cards!

I had the pleasure of creating some fun bridesmaid cards for a dear friend of mine.  The cards featured a paper doll chain that was personalized for each different bridesmaid.  The hair, dresses, boots and dog were all hand cut with my trusty X-acto.  The paper dolls were set on the main card and held with a belly band that had each girl's name printed on it.  The main cards had some witty text on it detailing the responsibilities of the bridal party and the bottom was perforated with the important event dates so that the girls could tear it off and keep it in her wallet.  I made wrap around address bands for the envelopes (which you can kind of see the back in the third image) with the girl's address printed on the front and Marni and Brandon's address on the back.  After many (many) hours of tracing, cutting, and glueing (with help from Marni, thank goodness), behold the finished product:

A big thank you to Michael Farmer Photography for the images!

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