happy friday!

(images via martha stewart)

links for your weekend:

a modern day audrey hepburn.

the most awesome crayon box i have ever seen! (via i art u)

i've been thinking about tackling our backyard.  these ideas make me smile.

i'm thinking this is the perfect use for the limoncello in my freezer + the meyer lemons that are ripe on the tree.

i've been dying over this watch since the first time i laid eyes on it.

these would make the cutest addition to a sweet bridal shower or at a wedding for escort cards.

loving this bag (via creature comforts)

a little obsessed with bangs (probably because i love them so, but know they would look awful on me)

what? an emmersonmade giveaway?  i shouldn't even be telling you so i have a better chance, but i can't NOT spread the love.

bon weekend mes amies!

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jennifer young said...

kayla! thanks for linking me! i love your friday links!