Geeking Out for Back-To-School

I love school.  And I'm not talking about the awful, soul-crushing abyss that was high school, no.  I'm talking about college.  Glorious college.  If I could be a professional student, I would do it in a heart beat.  To this day, my heart skips a little beat when I see all the bins upon bins of school supplies at Target.  Pencils and binders and notebooks, oh my!  In honor of the school year beginning again, I thought I'd put together a little round up of a few of my favorite things for this year's back-to-school season. 

A place for your laptop to snuggle.

A place to jot notes (and to scribble "your name + your crush's name = ♥ 4-EVA").

For chic note-passing.

In case you forget (it's not cheating.....).

A home for your books.

Glasses are sexy!

Accessories for all those late nights in the stacks.

For erasing mistakes (although the ones made in life might not come up so easily).

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