happy friday!

i hope you all have grand plans for the weekend.  as for me, i'm taking my little pup fritz to the vet today for his annual shots and trying to get a slew of orders out.  i'm also going to be running a 10k tomorrow morning on the beach.  i think i'm ready, but wish me luck, anyway.  :)

a few links for your weekend:

i love this easy idea for an outdoor shower.

looking forward to the debut of this new online magazine.

i loved this post.  almost made me wish i was in the city and it was raining.  almost.

mmmmm...popovers.  yes please.  until i get a popover pan, i will be eating the frozen ones from trader joes.  still delish, but i imagine home made would be the best.

i bought some tangerine marmalade yesterday that blew my mind.

loving these simple key chains. (via creature comforts).

during our upcoming trip, i am most looking forward to seeing this.  ok, and this.

have a great weekend everyone!

(top image via sweet paul)

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