i'm just gonna own it

A few weeks ago, I had a brief conversation with a friend of mine that went something like this:

M.: "So, the other day, I saw the cutest dachshund salt and pepper shakers and I was totally going to get them for you!"
Me: "Oh geez.  If you got them for us, there would totally be a snowball effect and we would forever become 'The Wiener Dog People'."
M.: "Aren't you already the 'Wiener Dog People'?"

Instead of fighting it, I'm just going to own it....and share with you a few Doxie faves (because, really, who can resist that face?).

Clockwise from top left:

Doxie print: Ed Art via Creature Comforts
Bronze doxie: High Street Market
Letterpress dog notes: Paper Ink Press
Little dachshund ring: Mooshygooshie

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