october etsy faves

Well, friends, this month really just snuck up on me.  Can you believe it's November already?  Still trying to wrap my head around it.  On the upside, it means it's officially "holiday season" (in my book anyway)!  I didn't want to forgo tradition, so below is a little roundup of my favorites on Etsy this month.

Goodies, left to right, from top:

Kaleidoscope felt collage necklace: Homako
Sunglow tote: Drika B
Arrow Stud earrings: Liam of York
'And the Wind Blows' print: Black Out Well
Los Angeles calendar: Sixth and Main
'Fortune Favors the Brave' print: Lilco Letterpress
Pink sugar scrubs: Dancing Mooney
Book mobile: The Shop House
'Tell Me a Story" set: The Small Object
Custom hearts: Miniature Rhino
'Bird and Boat' fat quarter fabric: Mummy Sam
Bow Bag: Soraam


jennifer ▲ i art u said...

oh mannn...i SO heart this post!!! i've been looking for a necklace for a friend and that kaleidoscope felt collage necklace is THE ONE! thank you kayla!!!

have a good week!

ashley said...

i would have to agree!! lovely, inspiring post that makes me wanna BUY. haha