let's get happy

My favorite local (still in print!) magazine, San Louie, is "taking on Oprah" in a quest to dig deeper into the statement that San Luis Obispo is the happiest place on Earth.  In collaboration with Kickstarter.com, they are hoping to raise enough money to cover the cost of printing Issue No. 4, "The Happy Issue", which will explore the thought that "happiness is collaborating with San Luis Obispo’s sizeable population of artists, writers, and thinkers".

A small donation of just $10 will get you a copy of Issue No. 4 and a heart full of warm fuzzies knowing that you are contributing to a community-funded project and helping a small group of people discover and connect with large talent in a small town.

Interested in jumping on the San Louie bandwagon?  Click here to find out more about San Louie and here to donate via Kickstarter.

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