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Sooo....can you guess I got an ice cream maker?  And can I just say - Best.  Investment.  Ever!  I had made a few easy sorbets with it thus far (lemon-lime-ginger; tangerine prosecco), but last night, I decided to tackle an actual ice cream recipe (custard base and all).  I was a little freaked out about curdling the eggs, but it was easier than I thought.  Now, I have two quarts of delicious frozen goodness taunting me from the freezer until dinner tonight.

My friends M. and D. have been hosting weekly dinner-and-movie nights.  We're trying to re-watch all of the Harry Potter movies before the big finale in July (don't judge, we know.  Hence the post title.).  :)  Anyway, each week, we've kind of decided to create a Harry Potter themed something-or-other.  Last week it was Butterbeer.  Everyone raved, but I admit I couldn't get past the idea of drinking butter, so I passed.  This week?  Honeyduke's "In Case of Dementor Attack" Chocolate Sherbet.  Sooo....good.  I may or may not have licked the bowl before pouring the ice cream base into the machine.

I also whipped up a quart of ...wait for it....Candied Bacon Ice Cream.  As a connoisseur of the bacon doughnut (my fave is from here), I knew when I saw this recipe that I had to make it.  It's fantastic!  Only trouble is that I can't come up with a good Harry Potter-esque name for it.  Candied Hippogriff Ice Cream just doesn't really have the best ring to it.  Haha.

Either way, I'm sure my friends are going to enjoy these treats tonight.  You should make them too!  Here are the links to the recipes by David Lebovitz:

Candied Bacon Ice Cream

Chocolate Sherbet

Images via David Lebovitz

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